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Women Breaking Plates - Los Angeles Saturday March 7, 2020


Women Breaking Plates


This is what Women Breaking Plates is all about!


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Early Bird Tickets $55 - Sale ends March 1st - Regular ticket price $65

STARTS: Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 5:00 PM
ENDS: Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 9:30 PM


Women Breaking Plates is an Empowerment Party to celebrate the strength, magic and inner beauty of the feminine. We have fun stepping into our power and releasing self-doubt, criticism and false limitations. We take our power back.

At this high vibe party you will navigate through 12 interactive and cathartic empowerment stations. The Plate Breaking Station is where you write what you want to release (negative habits, patterns, traumas, strong holds) onto plates, throw them and watch them shatter pieces!

Arrive at 5:00pm (if possible). Opening sisterhood ceremony and tribal drumming will start at 5:15pm; you won't want to miss it!

A few of the other 12 stations you will freely flow through while embracing your power are:

- Light It Up - Set your false limitations on fire

- Get It Out - Knock out your negative inner self-talk

- Express Yourself- Freely paint on the large collective art piece

- Open to Receive - One free 15 minute healing or reading with one of our many talented healers (additional healings and readings will be $15 for 15 minutes)

And lots more!


Music by DJ Rosalie McIntyre - AKA LetterKisser

Nourish Yourself - Enjoy our free Herbal Elixir Bar presented by Wishagarden Herbs

Essential Oil Blessings by Miranda Alexander of Essentially Elevated

Singing Bowl Sound Bath by Gina of Sound Bath Haven to end the night!

Women Breaking Plates isn't fighting against anything; we are standing for the strength, magic and wisdom that the feminine has to offer the world.

Bring your friends and family members to this extraordinary event. Anyone who identifies as female is welcome.

Some of the broken plate pieces will be turned into art!

It is required to sign a photo and video waiver at the door.

Visit our website: www.womenbreakingplates.com

Early Bird Tickets only $55 - sale ends March 1st

Regular price tickets $65

Keep an eye on the event for we will be adding more coaches, free classes, free food and experiences to the event as it comes closer. 

Raise the women and you will raise the world!

We will see you there!


Early Bird Tickets $55 - sale ends March 1st

+ service & processing fees

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Downtown Los Angeles in the Fashion District

1114 South Los Angeles Street

1114 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015

United States



The Goodness and Fun Overfloweth!

Music by LetterKisser

She rocked our last LA event and now she is back to do it again!

Break Free

Release old habits, patterns, traumas and strong holds from your life.

Proclaim your "I Am"

I Am: Free - Powerful - Abundant - Rising - Important - Loved and Supported

No more being mean to yourself!

Punch out your negative inner self-talk with a professional boxing coach. Take your power back!

Free Herbal Elixir Bar

Wishgarden Herbs is serving multiple herbal elixir drinks for the women!

Open to Receive

Healers, Tarot Readers and Essential Oil Blessings


You are 10,000x more powerful than anyone has ever told you that you are.  

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