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Women Breaking Plates - Los Angeles Saturday March 7, 2020


Women Breaking Plates


This is what Women Breaking Plates is all about!


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Downtown Los Angeles in the Fashion District

1114 South Los Angeles Street

1114 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015

United States



The Goodness and Fun Overfloweth!


She rocked our last LA event and now she is back to do it again!

Break Free

Release old habits, patterns, traumas and strong holds from your life.

Proclaim your "I Am"

I Am: Free - Powerful - Abundant - Rising - Important - Loved and Supported

No more being mean to yourself!

Punch out your negative inner self-talk with a professional boxing coach. Take your power back!

Free Herbal Elixir Bar

Wishgarden Herbs is serving multiple herbal elixir drinks for the women!

Open to Receive

Healers, Tarot Readers and Essential Oil Blessings


You are 10,000x more powerful than anyone has ever told you that you are.  

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